Experts Glass Demo

Experts Glass is a pending patent framework that is part of the Content Glass platform.

With Experts-Glass visitors of your website can dynamically create or join experts networks. Expert network refer to individual visitors that set up an Expert widget on your website. When Expert widget is set-up  Content Glass associate widget owner into a network of users that can receive queries from other visitors.

By becoming an Expert, a visitor can use Experts Toolbar widget that will appear on the website if there is at least one expert in the network, to receive queries from other visitors.  Becoming an experts does not requires coordination with the website owner. That is why Experts Glass is defined as a framework of “dynamically created experts networks”.

There are two levels of interaction between experts and other visitors.

1. Using the Experts Toolbar widget – this is similar to that well know chat form you can see in many websites, however in this case, the people on the other side of the line are other visitors of your website that define themselves as experts.

2. On-line session using the Expert-Dashboard. A visitor can connect with an expert, and when this happen a collaboration dashboard is open on both sides, that provide various collaboration tools by which both sides can for example browse the website together, chat, review documents together, leave notes to each other, build a shopping list together and more. The release version will let you configure the widgets set on the dashboard as well as adding your own widget created with CG Client API. Note that on-line session is not fade away until the Dashboard widget (which is actually an implementation of CG Widget) is deleted by one of the sides. It means that sessions can prolong as desire.

Experts Glass can be combined with compensation model. For example, if your website uses Affiliate Network it is possible for experts to set an affiliate link on their expert settings that can be used to refer contacted visitors to product or page  on your website. This way experts can benefit from their help or service and you can benefit from experts force.  Of course we will allow website owners to block this option of “expert compensation”.  (for the beta version the block settings is not presented).

On this website we show two usages of the Experts Glass framework.

1. We present a forum – this demonstrate the use of Experts Glass as a tool on experts forum websites.

2. We present a demo on-line store – this demonstrate the use of Experts Glass for e-commerce websites.


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